Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Globe Predictions

If you never knew,the Globes are a 'lick ass fest'. They are smart, they want all the hottest people there, and so,this coillition of sychophants nominate everyone that they want to have 1 minute of face time with. So they can virtually jerk off to having had met them afterwards.
Actress Supp. Role Drama: My girl, Melissa Leo (If you have never seen 'Frozen River', you are missing the best).

Supporting Actor Drama: Christian Bale This is the biggest lock.

Foreign Film: I'm going with Swinton goddess and "I Am Love"

Director: Christopher Nolan for "Inception" which I am watching right after this post. I did not feel the Social Network had such great direction. It was a great movie, but ploddy. Ya kno?

Television Series Drama: Mad Men (A lot of people love 'Braking Bad' and "Boardwalk Empire'which I both love,but....Mad Men would be my desert island)

Actress Drama- tough one but I pick Elizabeth Moss

Actor Drama- Hamm- hamms down (ha)

Com TV Show- Modern Family (for normal tv,thisis awesome)

Actress Com-Torn between Linney and Fey yet I absolutely love Collette

Actor Comedy- Jim Parsons better win (2nd favorite show...Big Bang...)

Supp. Actress- Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire ruled)

Supp. Actor- Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Fam)

We will see in a day or so...

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