Monday, November 14, 2005

Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Shit man...I've been gone about three and a half months and all this celebrity bullshite has gone on. Man, it is amazing how these Hollywood Airheads work. When someone does not have anything to promote, they either get engaged, (Paris H) seperate and brake engagement (Paris H) or they just fail to get the frig out of the spotlight (Not enough time to list; but here's one: Paris H). They feel that we are clinging to their very next move, eager with anticipation over which banquette at "Butter" did they get. Was Lindsey in the same room as her? "Oh No she DID NOT!!" Who gives a flying ass fuck? I was too busy chatting with guys who ran million dollar companies and smoked it all away, guys who started Hustling themselves because their Mother remarried some child molester and she decided to keep peace in her new family so she kicked "Tony" out. It sort of pales in comparison to what size latte MK Olsen was sipping or the new peroxided locks on Jessica Simpson. Gossip Pages would be really cool to read if the editors of such pages could break down the fourth wall and say what they really want to print instead of cowering to PR Flacks and Movie Studios. These scoopers should realize than the Pen is always mightier than the Sword, and the way ticket prices are waning these days on Big Budget Shlop, you would think the studio guys are going to say "Fuck it, our up and coming release stars that anorexic coke head and the swishy yet married Scientologist who erased all those rumors years ago, thank you very much.

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