Saturday, November 12, 2005

I wish I had a picture of Nicholson in the Shining for this entry

Hey, anyone who's still got me bookmarked...I'm BAAAAAACCCCKKKK!!! Wow. What an intense program I have just went through. I'm living in a Halfway House right now and I'm not allowed to have my laptop, but sans pictures; I will continue writing about my experiences from Rehab. As much as the 30 minutes allots me on the Library Computer. I feel freaking great and believe me, I'm not all holier than thou. I just came to realize that if I want anything in Life, I for one can not drink anymore. Just a little tease for upcoming entries, I kept quite an exstensive journal while I was in "Drunk Camp" and I plan to write a pretty hair raising screenplay about the life of a recovering addict. Think "28 Days" minus that whole movie, it's lead actress and the assinine plot!! I read some comments and I recieved some pretty cool Emails from some of you. Thanks for the support and try and bookmark me or add me to your favorite sites on your blogs (does anyone use that term anymore? Shit, I've been gone for a long ass time).

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