Friday, June 01, 2007

The 'Yoots' of today

Gosh. I sound like such an old asshole. But I have to say it. I hate teens today. Maybe it is the teens in the burbs like Staten Island where I'm living now.
I use to think I was a big cursor.
I would completely review every sentence before I spoke in front of my niece, like a smoker inhaling a stogie before he gets to his non-smoking in laws.
I am not a cursor anymore than a person who eats chicken considers themselves a vegetarian. You have to take the train with these kids. The lot of them going to school and stuff. It sounds like a verbal pissing contest as to who could say fuck the most in a sentence as with the word like. They stand in front of the doors, they step on your foot with out saying excuse me, they litter the streets worse than the free dailies. They are all over each other with no regard to disease. (Okay...stop right there Mick! you yourself where a bit of putana? No? ...Yes, dear reader, I was a semi whore (19 ish) but the only thing spreading those days were rumors of who was gay. Me.)
These two girls with re-fried blonde hair and the black underneath (which usually works for me), who were so in need of the Jessica Simpson/Vanessa Williams 'proactive' infomercials were rubbing this 6 foot guy friend of theirs. they were so eager. "Do you have hair on your nipples yet?" "I have a mole on my tit, wanna see."
And you guys, these kids were just coming from the middle school across the street.
Okay, maybe these were just some hyperactive sexually charged teens. I'm gonna say nay on that. It's all around. "MOTHERS!!! Hide your daughters."

I missed you all. I've had maybe 9 jobs since.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my dear Michael:

Missed you.

Totally agree on the "yoots" of today. They are fricken scary.

I really don't want to expose my kids to middle school or high school. I asked my 9 year old if he'd be interested in home schooling...his answer? "Home is for relaxing, playing xbox 360, and feeling safe. I don't want school here because I'll never escape from it." How smart is he?

Love you. Glad to know you're doing okay.

XO, Laura