Monday, April 30, 2007


Maybe you watched the debates and we can agree on something. Obama may have a few things going for him, but thinking quick on his feet is not one of them. Someone used the adjective 'gauzy' to describe him, and I kind of like that.
At the time of Bush's first term, I kept on seeing Joe Biden showing up on "Charlie Rose." I found him to be quite smart and sort of likable (if ANY politician besides Rob Lowe's character on 'Brother's and Sister's' could be). It seems that he knew a lot about the Mideast and it's division amongst it's own frigging citizens, and I (call me malleable) became a fan.
I wish he did not make that faux pas about Barack earlier on, because he kind of marred his chances to be heard by the people who had never heard of him.
I think Biden certainly held his own in the debates, and I feel he is the only chance for having a non-Hillary face off with the Repubs.

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