Monday, July 16, 2007

May cause lethargy and or incontinance

I have a brother who is probably one of the most difficult persons in the world to get along with. I just left my mothers house where he is living for the time being, after blowing his whole net worth on gambling, and as usual it ended in me storming out of the house because I refuse to scream and yell at someone who's main goal is to get you into that state.
I left there thinking, as I always do when I'm in his company, "God, I wish I can make this person happy."
When I was young, like 12 years old, I remember saying something to him which was kinda profound for my age. I told him that if he was in my class (12 boys/13 girls), I probably would not ever speak to him. Which was the case with 2 of the boys that I went K-8th grade with. He is just a sad, miserable person that I hope can have a day of pure happiness in his life instead of the many condemnations he passes along either vocally or silently in that narrow minded head of his.

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