Saturday, July 14, 2007

Too Much Info

Here are some bullet points of my life and travels as of late.

I stayed in Florida for a month. The woman I'm to get preggers got her period. I thought for sure it was going to take. But, I now see the mistakes we made, although the have studied up on how to do this pretty well.

There is a perception that lesbians are cheap or that they always complain about their lack of money, which I concur.

US Air FUCKING SUCKS. I had a lay over in Charlotte that turned into 26 hours with no vouchers for food or hotel. They claim everything is an act of God. What God do they believe in? At one point they were telling us that our crew had not shown up yet. Is that an act of God? Because Susie Lou was out partying last night? Assholes.

I took a complete 180 in my life going down to Fla. It was too chaotic for me. I've come to believe that I am going to die a hermit. Although I befriended a lot of people, I need to see people on my time, not all the time. I require space and some down time. Sounds selfish and priggish, I don't know.

I saw someone with a bluetooth on. It struck me that about 9 months ago every turd was wearing these things. Bluetooth=Pet Rock.


clyde said...

fucking funny Mick

padmaon my face said...

Mick...that is why all the lezzies move in with each other after one date. I'm sure the beer from the bar is deducted!