Monday, July 02, 2007

Kind of Humiliating

Hey Everyone.
Here are a few more details regarding my sperm-donorage.
I arrived 2 tuesdays ago. Great flight on Jet Blue @ 6:30 am.
Here's a hint. Fly on a tuesday. The flights are always empty. I had 3 rows. Michael Musto from the Voice was on my flight. He recognized me from the halcyon days. (late 80's)

I flew into West Palm Beach and Joyce and Sloan picked me up and swooshed me to a doctor to get blood tests.
I was freaking because one of the tests in the "Lesbian's Handbook for Giving Birth" asked for a liver test or something to that effect. I'm guessing for hep. Miss Joyce knows I have been a raging alchie for years...and I was just worried.

Donna assuaged my fears the night before by stating the obvious. Trailer Trash. They are always plastered and the are always popping kids out like clockwork.

I've been good lately.

The tests came back (via a friend of Joyce and Sloan's), and they were all good. I started um, doing my thing. Sloan took an ovulation test and she was positive while she was at the firehouse. Joyce drove me there and wanted me to whack it in a Mobile Mart. I didn't.
We will find out in 2 weeks if this worked. It was so weird. I would do it (solo) and then put it up in a syringe.
I was like; in front of their door. "Orders Up."

Joyce has no problems with this stuff. It's kind of like being a nurse. She has seen all and done all.

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Anonymous said...

It's been almost two weeks, Michael....any word?