Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Musings (Cripes!)

I can not even begin to tell you the dismay in my heart regarding my profession. ( good times), line cook (sous chef-whatever you want to call it) at other times. Right now, thanks to the proliferation of immigrants in the country, my job is paying a HEFTY, $10.00 an hour on average. I am High Balling here. "Zoe" managers, "Blue Fin" or "Blue Grill" (whatever the frig your name is) people as well. Check out Craigs List. They have the balls to proclaim the 10 bucks like we are breaking their doors down.
Long story short. In 1996, I was working @ this place called 'Lemon' (yeah, it was). I started out as a line cook. Pasta station. Easy as pie. Chanterelles were sauteing as 'vodka' sauce was simmering (p.s. no one uses vodka in their vodka sauce). $17 clams an hour. I sweat ed my peepee head off, but the paycheck was cool. We are now, 11 years later. And the best I could get is $11 on the books.
If your asking where industries are being affected by this problem, by 'Joe Schmoe' (no hint to his/her skin tone or their countries parallel on a map.)
I was to start this job two days ago and then yesterday and then today and I have been dicked around in each instance. And the funny thing is that I think this job is really shakey and they think I'm a dork. Listen. I'm the last person to 'je accuse'. I feel like Dudley Moore in "Arthur" when I say it is a 'hookah' bar.
Fuck. You have to laugh with me. Only me, right.

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