Thursday, August 23, 2007


I've been waiting for this movie via the library waiting list for a bit. Like a month. Yesterday it arrived with Jarmusch's "Coffee and Cigerettes". The movie is "Mysterious Skin" by Greg Araki and starring that kid from "3rd rock from the sun." This movie creeped me out big time within the first 17 minutes. I have to keep on watching. Kinda like a disaster.
It's not your usuall kid gets raped by Pedophile fare, where it is creepy but watchable. This one really sets the mood correctly. Meaning, Creep-orama

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Tesa said...

You're the second blogger I've read in as many days who's mentioned "Mysterious Skin." I really need to see this flick.

BTW, I hope all goes well on the "daddy-2-B" front, and it takes, this time. :)