Monday, August 20, 2007

Rail Roaded

I heard a train in the distance @ 11:30 pm this past Sunday. The subways are few and far between as it is already on the weekends, forget about the fact that I would have to wait about another 40 minutes and then miss two ferries in the interim. So, I had prepared myself with my money and my metro card which kookily enough had 45 cents on it. A Metrocard is a plastic card which serves in place of tokens these days in New York City. It also gives you the liberty of swiping it after a subway ride for a transfer on another MTA mode of transport. I had the exact change for the remainder of my card, $1.55, and the train in the distance. I inserted my card in, hit refill, hit $2.00 cash, inserted the cash and change...train getting closer...Heart pounding...Transaction completed, no receipt thank you. I swipe my card and it says "Insufficient Funds" or something we never like to see. I did not get a receipt. Train getting closer. I see the MTA lady in the booth talking to some tourist and explaining so nastily the trains to take. I'm next. She actually made believe I was invisible and went back to her circle a word game. Train about to pull in any second.
"Miss, I just put two dollars in the machine..."
"Use the gate" she barks as she points to the entry for people with suitcases and strollers.
"No, but, I need the transfer"
"Use The Gate" she points harder to the crusted black peeling jail bars.
"I know where the gate is, I need the transfer for when I get off the ferry"
Just then the train was pulling in.
"Do you wanna miss your train or what" she stated in such a way as if she was asking me if I wanted the curtain or the box, and one of them has a booby prize.
I took the curtain, I mean the train. I stressed the whole way over on the ferry because I did not have my ATM card and I did not feel like getting arrested for jumping the turnstiles. Stress...Creating Lies in my head...all because I paid the money and got nothing in return. I ended up getting off the ferry and asking the train conductor in Staten Island if he could give me a break, and before I could get the rest of my contrived 'story' out he waved me through. I thanked him profusely and headed home.

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