Monday, August 13, 2007

Sad Reputation

I was watching Saturday Night Live last week and the musical guest was Avril Levine (Canadian) and I swear to you, after singing this first song about '...being your girlfriend..' or some such nonsense, I thought I would fling the remote and I felt as though my ears were bleeding. But, then her 2nd ditty came on and it was absolutely the worst song I have heard in ages. I really felt sorry for her band mates, or whoever is feigning interest in her music for the sake of scoring some money on her tour. These guys looked kind of cool, but the overacting to her abysmal singing and non sensical lyrics that were so freaking contrived made me think that after this tour they should be plagued with either one of those ditties sticking in their heads' for like a year.


Anonymous said...

Negative much?

mickeyitaliano said...

you nailed it Avril