Friday, August 03, 2007

Judge and Jury and Judy

I've been laid up the last couple of days and I guess I've tested the 5 channels of televisions daytime options. There seems to be a lot of new Judge shows on. I like this one named "Judge Maria Lopez" and this other guy "Judge Alex". <--- that last one sounds so funny, kind of like 'Eric the Clown' on Seinfeld. Anyway, I've noticed that a lot of the plaintiffs and defendants have one, two or most of the following characteristics that do not necessarily affect their cases.

  • Substance Abuser they looked toasted on screen often
  • Trans Gendered or Trans Sexual a lot of times someones witness is this
  • Mid Western (natch)
  • Gay male who is married
  • Fat...actually really fat and dressing a little too skimpy (reminder:the camera adds 10 lbs)
  • All Dog fights involve pit bulls
  • Look WAY older than it states they are
  • None of the boyfriends of either suers/sued ever works

Please add your own.

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