Saturday, October 24, 2009

John Gosselin

Sail away with me
I wanna holdyou now.

Fucking Brian
We both left the land of the uncircumcised penis together. Like outlaws. We took a "Thelma andLouise"photo when we left. I have it.
I knew this guy fot 13-14 years and nothing.
Does he not think of me some nights?
My favorite thing on earth was when we would pile into his Range Rover and go down to Laguna. By us I mean, Brian, myself, Rexie and Ben (chocolate lab and the most awesome Cocker)). I mean,there was silence in the car, but it was protected. A sigh was recognised, not a sound in the abyss. I'm trying to convey the absolut happiness, which it was. Bliss. Fucking Bliss.I could name 10 things if you give me a minute of why I should be happy he is not in my life. I'm on 2 and I miss him. Stupid Fuck.Sorry for all the cursing.

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