Friday, October 02, 2009

Just a coupla specifics..MY Personal Ad

I just turned 45 and I need a big change. I really want a kid(s) and I can’t do it by myself. I’ll start with my stats and then if your interested in my quirks and stuff, you can read on. I’m, like I said, 44 and I’m Italian American (Sicilian). I’m 5’8” on a good heal day, with a good body that is getting better . I have a shaved head (since I was twenty two or so), a little facial hair and a couple of tatts. I’m a chef, and I’ve been working since I’m 12, and I’m kind of tired of it. (hence the family).I’m totally clean in every way, and that’s amazing because I lived through some really heady years. (Pats shoulder).I’ve squelched a lot of my personal desires, either due to work environment, family or other harbingers, and I’m over it. I’m a (closet) writer, and I would have loved to have pursued this path if I was not forced into the Culinary world. ( “Bitter, table of 1?” No.) I’ve travelled a lot and lived in some cool countries and islands, but I want to settle down. I’m totally into being the house-husband and really concentrate on my writing, and raising the kid(s). That’s where you come in. A relationship can only work if there is an attraction and respect and most of all honesty.My preferences in looks: I really like tall guys, a lot. But that’s just an aesthetic quirk. I’m really masculine and I like the same. This can not be faked on one date. Please read this line again if your doubting. I’m sorry, and I’m not being judgmental but I’m not into fems. .I’m into Italian Guido’s, musicians-writers and broker types in suits. My favorite body part is the nose, especially if it’s broken looking (Tony Ward, Christopher Meloni) or pre-Raphaelite-ish. I need someone with some smarts. A mind and intelligence is a beautiful thing. When I see a good looking guy on the subway reading, it’s a total turn on. I’m a sucker for a handsome face. I’m also not looking for another shaved head guy. I had no choice in the matter, and thank God I have an excellently shaped head. I’m not into guys who shave their body hair either. Not into blondes too much, but I dig Michael Pitt. You know what, there is a lot of beauty out there in all types and sized packages, so I can not get too specific.Some of my other Major Likes. I read a book a week. I watch too much of t.v., but certain shows. (Dexter, Californication, P.Runway, All L&Orders, The Closer, Saving Grace, Weeds, Life, BBC stuff), but, ‘Six Feet Under’ is probably my all time favorite show.Music: Despise Rap/R&B. My music tastes go from Jeff Buckley and Aimee Mann to Pearl Jam (absolute fav.) and Alice in Chains to Band of Horses and The Fray to the Shins and Dusty Springfield. Movies: I could go on for ever here, but I’ll limit it to the fact that most of the movies I like do not get wide releases. And yeah, I love foreign movies, a lot.Sports: I play(ed) all sports, but I’m not this jock guy who reads the sports pages. I love watching hockey and football, baseball is only fun to watch @ the stadium, and I’ve never been into basketball. So, yeah, I live in NYC at the moment. I was born and raised here. Right now, I took a six months lease on a place in Staten Island after spending the summer working in the Hamptons. I really want to do this marriage/kid thing. Way before I even knew what gay was, I wanted to always be the father that I never had. So now, with the hopefully mutual admiration of a cool guy who wants the same and who also happens to live in one of the smarter states (that allows same sex unions) and who might have a good enough nest egg to get this thing rolling until we figure out my role, I think it might be a ‘good thing.’I guess I could go on, but, I’ll leave it at that for now.Take Care,Michael


char said...

I'll keep an eye out in SF for eligible Guido's.....

Anonymous said...

Hi michael!
I lost your E-mail a loooong time ago so please go on facebook and find me.. your friend in Denmark ;)
T.J. looking forward to hear from you ;)