Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fair WeathrED friend Pt. II

So, I was hungry and broke. And thank God for some of these food banks I was able to eat. I know I'm a little chunky, but all I was living on was stinky ass chix buillon for Christmas through New Years. I was just waiting for someone to drop off a package. It was horrible guys. Ihave never been sosad in my life. I did it all to myself. Josie worked every single un medicated nerves of mine in a Costco parking lot, and although I do not remember this, apparently, I raised my hands to her. From there I was cut off for basically life. A month later, after discovering food banks and stuff, I willingly put my selfinto Rehab again. First, I had to stay at the place above. The safe place. It is here I met Steve. I thought he was a coolguy because he melded to me faster than I to him. We were totally friends in this joint. I introduced him to the movie "Rushmore" which he scoffed at, because either Croc. Dundee, Sly Stallone or The Rock was not in it. Dick. We both ende upgoing to South Beach Psychiatric Center for...cont (heh)

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