Sunday, November 01, 2009

Suri goes to school

I have 4 brothers. Up until recently I had 3 plus one who was kinda pissed off (13 years) but he came bck into our lives and it's brilliant....seriously.It's not like a day passed. We talk almost every day, and now...I don'tknowif it's me, but I lost the other 2. Grouchy (bro #3), {we have prissy, fatty (me), grouchy and fruity} a doctor, just moved to Vegas and he was like, "schlubba, their is a room for you." well,I guess the white zin was flowing because as soon as i could click "tell me more" he fucked me over. Prissy, the elder, my guiding light, my (ugg) only muse and mentor was the one to come over the other night when Jo had her hystrionic post menpausal breakown. He smashed my soul to smithereens. I aplogize for being needy.

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