Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Hills update

Did I ever talk about my foray in Delray? (hah) I lived in a sober house with like 8 idiots. All homo-phobes, and basically they all dropped trou for a crack rock in their past and I will bet the farm on it. Well, Mrs.Livingston moved in (god, I loved her..."Mr. Eddie's father...I think this started my Asianation)...queeny (natch, he was Phillipeeno-intntial spelling mis hap) and he had the best music on this double computer. I used to blast "Float On" by Modest Mouse (see FB for link)and clean the whole house, and, I WAS Sober. I know i've been bleak lately. I want to make it. Like Mare in Minneapolis. I have to prevail. I need my mind to start working for me more than answering trivia.

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char said...

"you're gonna make it after all!"
(ba da da da, bap!)