Sunday, July 24, 2005

Good Bye to you my trusted friends

Okay. This is the deal. I'm going away for three months. I wish I could keep my blog going for that amount of time, but where I'm going they do not let you bring a laptop in. I feel like Edie Sedgwick getting sent off to the sanitarium everytime she made a mis- judgment in life; but alas, I am going voluntarily. I need this people (peeps). Thank God that New York State provides federally funded programs for those in need like me.
I'll tell you one thing; I'm totally going to miss some of my favorite blogs. I am going to be a busy little beaverette when I get out and start perusing all the archives. this goes out to you Towleroad and you Narcissism101. Hats off to Damon D and Hunter and Lady Bunny and Pink...Three months should go by like (snap of fingers). Take out the weekends and holidays and what are we talking here, like, maybe 55 days at the most; then you exclude the hours sleeping and now we are down to like 33 days (Jesus was 33). Take out time for meals and work...Now, I'm down to a holiday weekend basically.
All I know is that I will be coming back a brand new person (no, I am not going under the knife or to Fat Camp!). I'll be scripted as well and hopefully I will be able to possibly consider a relationship one of these days.
I know how time just flies by for you guys out there, so hopefully we will pick up where we left off when I get back. (The Fat Camp is starting to sound pretty good though).
Love, Mickey


MiKell said...

good lords. Aren't you back from "fat camp" yet?

Hope things are going well.

mattdm59yotheo said...
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MiKell said...


Come back and remove the comment spam!

er... uhm... I wonder if I caused that by commenting last night...

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