Friday, April 28, 2006

Did 'ja have to, did 'ja have to let it Linger

There is no question about the fact that the guys in Staten Island are probably the best looking guys in the state. Yet, what they have in looks seem to take away in two-fold what they should have as far as being in the 21 st century. Plain and Simple, they are troglodytes. Their manners, their actions, Their Dress Code and their 'city' smarts. If you happen to bed a Staten Island guy, (male or female who are reading this) he is likely to sport a Bikini wax job on his pubes or have shaved legs or armpits or (gasp) both. They just don't have a clue. I'd hate to say that (like the Red States) their hero is Dale Ernhart , but; Opie and Anthony (NYC radio dickheads) or Vin Diesel would give you a clue.
Staten Island guys love being in their cars. Listening to the latest Z100 Wigger Music and driving fast. It's a lot like Los Angeles here. No one walks; unless you are homeless or a prostitute (I've been both here, actually <--- Not a hooker in the real sense but...Well, that will be a different entry).
Staten Island Guys cruise other guys. BIG TIME. I don't know if they are all myopic or if they think you might be their cousin (Everyone on Staten Island has the 6 degrees of seperation thing going on), but they cruise. They probably don't know it is called cruising because that aspect of the gay vernacular has not crept into this borough (hence the shaved areas, the mega hair products, the gossipyness) yet, like so many other gay crossover idiosyncracies.
Yesterday I got cruised big time by this youngish guy in his Acura. I swore I was not going to break the 'faux staredown/jerk off fest' that was happening and I didn't. He finally looked away, and the comic strip bubble over his head seemed to say, "jeez, I think I like guys".

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