Friday, April 21, 2006

What about the other 2%

I'm 98% sure I'll be managing this restaurant in The Hamptons this summer. It should make for great reading material for you guys, since the restaurants web site boasts in their PR corner a Who's Who of A, B and C list clients that dine here during the summer. I'm going to have to keep really juicy tidbits (if any) on the Blind Item Side though. I'll be getting free housing which helps a lot and will provide me with a big enough nest egg to play with once the summer is over. Determining if I will stay in Manhattan or move to Amsterdam ( always a great place for a recovering addict!). I know I can keep my sobriety in check because I WANT this job. I'm not just pandering by taking any shitty job that I need to get by so I could quit the following week. I aggressively pursued this position and it feels good to be a contender because I am very worthy.

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