Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I went on this interview today for a job for the summer which will be located on an island usually thought to be predominantly gay in the East Coast. These guys interviewing me were all about my age and the poster boys for Chelsea. Although thankfully they did not all look alike with the same trend going on for all three like you see so much of in clusters of gay guys in Manhattan. Each had his own little trendy thing going on and they each worked it pretty well. There was Mr. Steroid King, Mr. Cool Hairstyle that every guy is working( the gelled faux hawk) and finally Mr. Looks like a hot Biker but probably takes taxi's. They were all very cool and Loaded to the fucking gills. I mean, these guys either own or run basically the whole gay part of town. Shit, talk about the gay Mafia. But, I looked at myself afterwards and I found myself kind of envious. I think I've said before that I have not been jealous of people or peers in decades because I know exactly what that feeling does to me, but, shit man.
The pre interview consisted of me faxing or Emailing my resume with a picture. (Leave it to the gays!) And I was bumming when I hadn't heard from them for like two weeks. Here come those freaking insecure feelings. But they called, and it wasn't a total disaster, yet I'm pissed at myself for not asking more questions.
Who knows.

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