Sunday, April 16, 2006

SNL's Gay Problem

So, Pearl Jam was on SNL this weekend, which broke me out of my non-tv cycle and I actually sat down to watch something. Maybe I'm an oversensative fag, but in like 7 sketches that I sat through, I would say six of them had some kind of gay slur/gag/non funny type sub plot. Are the 'Brokeback' jokes not finished yet? Did two skits require a reference to this? Are the writers so young and unsure of their own sexuality (the writers are 95% male) that this is the only punchline that can be inserted to a skit that is going nowhere to begin with. Shit, last I looked (listened) at least the obese were getting picked on just as equally. Now, there are no fat jokes, no black, asian or latino gags. No, Red State jokes. Oh, a couple of skank ho jokes but thats because skank could probably still get a chuckle out of the immature crowd. I just can't place the era of when this started but since I have been a faithful viewer of SNL til about last season, I'd have to date it back to it's inception with Eddie Murphy (now that's calling the kettle black) but not really hitting it's peak until about 8 years ago. It's pathetic that these skits get into the show to begin with since they have usually two weeks between shows to actually think of something funny. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...
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justAIMe said...

I couldn't agree more. If I hear/see one more Brokeback slur/joke/insult I personally think I'm gonna scream.