Saturday, April 28, 2007

Whatever happened to...

Holly Hunter?

Linda Fiorentino?

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Lauren Ambrose and Tammy Blanchard? (so damn up and coming it's stalled)

It's not like I'm wondering where the first Marilyn Munster is or anything. These actresses basically rule and command the screen. I know I can go to IMDB and see what's up. Checking out some of the straight to video release DVD's (I'm assuming) @ the library and come across movies I have never heard of, { "Prime" w/ Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman anyone?} (BTW-it sucked so bad and had some many inconsistencies) I never see any of these actresses. I wish I could create this major sweeping drama that could employ about 15 or so of some of my favorite actresses who have fallen by Hollywood's wayside.


Tesa said...

Before I decided that life was too short to go without subscribing to all the major premium (i.e., pay) cable movie channels, I, too, used to wonder about favorite actors who seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Then, I got Showtime, and HBO, and Starz and Encore and Flix and Cinemax and IFC and Sundance and realized they're all still out there, working, making films. It's just that most of the population never sees these films. They're either art house/indies and therefore don't draw a big audience, or they suck, and therefore don't draw a big audience, or the actor/actress takes some time off and then when they return to acting, acting has left them behind and the only roles they can find are of the indie/low-budget type -- Everybody! Say it with me: -- and therefore don't draw a big audience.

Cuz guess what? Yes, I'd heard of "Prime." That's cuz I get Starz. Old actors and actresses never die. They just end up on premium movie channels. :)

mickeyitaliano said...

Tesa...You must be as beautiful as your pictures, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Holly Hunter is going to be on a new show on TNT, I believe.