Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Was it Cher who had the song "Bang, bang" ?

Gosh...It frigging sucks in Virginia.
Give a kid a book and he will live in a world of mystery and hope. Give a kid a gun...

I saw whom formerly has been called my best friend, this weekend. I say that because it was either me or her that was a 'raggatto' <--- rage face (head) (Italian). I think what happens is this. I am so excited to see someone, anyone... that I can hold a pertinent sentence with; that I get all excited. Yeah, like a dog when his master comes home. So, these people (whom I love) take me for this 'waste product'? maybe or this needy a-hole.
Some days I speak maybe 5 words. "That's for the News" As I'm buying my paper. That's it. So excuse me if I get a little excited being around people.
Joyce is being told she is loved and is beautiful 15 times a day...Me= zero.
The greatest thing Joyce said to me was, "You are the smartest frigging bastard that I have ever known and you make the salary of the 'jamba juice' guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
She bought me a DVD player to replace my VHS (which I love) and I'm conscience of the feeling of love

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Tesa said...

Actually, it was Sonny & Cher who did "Bang, Bang." Funny. I haven't thought of that song for about 40 years, and I've seen it referenced twice in the last few days: your blog and a French short film I watched on the Sundance Channel the other night played it.

I'm glad you got to see your friend, even if you came across needy. It can get awfully lonely out here on planet Earth.

Also, congrats on the new DVD player. :)