Monday, April 16, 2007

"your a Rock Star, but we are going a different way"

The public at large are a bunch of dicks. They take a phrase and use, abuse and over kill it to death. Obama is a rock star. Some 14 year old kid from Somalia who wrote a book about being in the gangs that slaughtered 1000's of people is a rock star. What the fuck does that mean? To some of these people Bon Jovi and Sting are rock stars. These fools have completely taken the term and mis -used it more than the word 'behoove.' When people ask me my tastes in music, rock doesn't even enter the vernacular...Why are these two cited not being called 'rap stars?' I mean for all intents and purposes, rap far out sells 'rock' according to the charts, and they are both black. But, being a 'rap star' has too many negative connotations. Pimp, playa, 4o's, guns, ho's with nappy hair (ha)...
Recently, I recieved not one but three messages from perspective employers saying that they do not want me for a job. All three said; 'we are going a different way'. What the fuck does that mean? Are you hiring a robot? Are you turning your restaurant into a museum? Just freaking say, 'thanks, but no thanks' or "we really enjoyed meeting you blabbity blah blah..."

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