Thursday, March 10, 2005

The A-GAY Zing Race

If you have never watched the Amazing Race (and if you haven't, it is hands down one of the best shows on tellie) start now. You are not too far behind. We are going into week three next Tuesday night but the kicker is, this one is the gayest ever. Team Weho (guess where they are from) are flamboyantly over the top (but is not 90% of Weho?) using such tired catchphrases as "Oh no she didn't" and calling a bunch of Peruvian fishmongers "bitches". These nellies will have you laughing. BTW, are gay people pre destined at birth to be gay based on their name? Case in point, Lynn from team Weho. Another team is a mom and her son (Patrick) who is also kinda femmie, but he has an "evil side"----Oooow. Actually, Patrick annoys me to no, straight, or Canadian. The last group of lovers are actually kind of closeted from what I read. The moniker under their names whenever they are on screen says, "Best friends for Life." Is that like "life partner"? Yeah, I've had a lot of guys that I introduced as my best friend to my family...In hindsight they must think I go through friends like water. Watch The Amazing Race.

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