Thursday, March 31, 2005


I knew when my father used to beat the crap out of my mother, myself and my brothers that he was mad at something greater than his being 5'5". At 13 or so, when I confirmed to myself that I was gay, I started thinking about my sperm donor and wondering if in fact he was hiding a bigger secret. BTW, everyone was a fag to him.
Sobering news from the hypocritical Boy Scouts. The Head of Administration has pleaded guilty to possessing more than 500 images of kiddie porn, mostly boys. This man is 61 years old with 3 grown children. His lawyer likened his addiction this morning on The Today Show to eating salted peanuts. That he would receive images and delete them but it got too much for him. (!)
This comes how many months after the BSOA decided that homosexuality is immoral and they would not allow any troop leaders who were gay in this organization? Do you think all of the Red Stater’s will read this story? Do you think that they realize that homosexuality does not equate with pedophilia. Naw, I doubt it.

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