Tuesday, March 08, 2005

sometimes ahead of the curve

Five years ago I bought a Che Guevera shirt in a shop in Echo Park. I thought it was cool. Right now it is at it's most wearable state, having had so many washings and work outs done in it. But I only wear it indoors these days. It seems I blinked and forgot to pay attention to the gluttons which are teens; these sponges as they are, take everything and run it into the ground. In 10 minutes of buying something, half the middle schools across America are aware of this new trend, with text messaging, IM and whatever else. I saw a shirt like the Che one, but it said Cher (with a picture of her in a beret), I'm thinking this is the more radical choice.
I was aware of a Rosie O'Donnell blog a couple of weeks ago. Its stream of consciousness style of writing had me asking the same things Defamer asked today, is it Haiku or Frig you? It seems Boy George is mad at Rosie, Madonna and Elton, while George Michael is mad at Elton and himself and Rosie seems to be mad at Kirstie Alley and Scientologists. I'm sure Rosie might be wearing the Project Runway envy dress after seeing Ellen nab and tie for the highest amount of Daytime Emmy Awards. I do have to give Homecoming Queen (!-yes, she was!) O'Donnell kudos for one thing; she was always a fan, so she asked decent questions of her guests. As much as I heart Ellen, the girl has some lulls when she is interviewing. Sometimes she'll say of someone's movie, "it looks good."
So I'm in South Florida, working at this place, and all the kids I work with (20 somethings) remind me of the waste cases in the movie "Bully" which also took place down here. This one girl is about to go into labor at any second, yet she can not deliver a tray of drinks to a table because she is not 21. All the guys are wigga's with tattoos on the small of their necks and El Camino's and Camaro's, and they all sit in the parking lot after work for hours. Although I can understand I am the age I am, I am so glad for the times that I grew up in.

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