Sunday, March 06, 2005

This is in no way affiliated with THAT Travolta miasma!

I've received a few Emails from disgruntled hetero's who obviously typed in "Be Cool" on their browser and were given the link to the cool store. These people were so intent on going to my profile and Emailing me to let me know their dissatisfaction in finding a Gay (!) Blog. Well listen you stupid assholes, John Travolta is gayer than a freaking picnic basket on Christmas. So go shell out $10 bucks to see this hubris and don't come to the cool store looking for merch. of this movie. I was disappointed myself, when at 10 years of age or so I learned that Fonzie was not Italian, so get over the fact that Travolta is (BaH Ha Ha!) not some macho dude. He is a closet case. What else do you think Scientology is for?

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