Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Amazing Race Rules

Last nights show was by far one of the greatest episodes I have yet to see. The brothers RULE. Rob and Amber RULE. The guy who lost looks and acts like the biggest wife beater in the world; and as his on again off again girlfriend looked on with a shiner he gave her, she still stated that it would be hard to leave him and she wants to make it work. I watched with Joyce whom I will be submitting an application with to be on the following episode. I will keep you all posted.
Florida is such a weird place. Last night with news of an earthquake that rocked Indonesia, they of course led off with the latest Shiavo news. The story that will not go away, with the right to life assholes lining streets all over South Florida blabbering their double digited IQ heads off. I saw sky writers all day today spelling out Jesus is Love and other proclamations, yet if you check most of the stories in the news and see how most people interact out here you would be hard pressed to find as many Christians practicing what they preach. This is a scarey state. I do believe that Jesus loves me, but I do not have to boast it to everyone as well as how I do not spew my rhetoric on everyone. At my nephews Christian Academy this past Easter, a giant bunny dropped candy from a helicopter. Anything to draw in the masses for those collection plates.
This world is fucked. By the way, I’m back.

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