Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey, I'm Alive...

The Oscars sucked, Scorsese/Leo were robbed.

Florida has a lot of whack jobs.

My first interview I was hired in three minutes, take that New York.

Me and my best friend Joyce are entrepeneurs in the Flea Market World. We drive around her glitzy development on trash night and take the good stuff that these people with so much disposable income just toss out and sell it. We have made approximately $100 a day each on Sat and Sun afternoons. Best find so far? Either a teardrop chandelier or the CASE of Afrin (nose spray) which was not expired.


MiKell said...
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MiKell said...

Flea Markets are a big... er... "market" down here. I'm amazed at all the people that sell at them as their only source of income.

Welcome to the state, I hope their are less blue hairs down your way!!