Friday, July 01, 2005

Calling a Spade a Digging thingy...

The other day on Towleroad, Andy spoke to his readers regarding the media's take on all the Gay Pride Events over the country the last coupla weeks and the revelers they choose to showcase either in the newspapers or the 5 seconds of montage that they air on the news. His responses netted about 75 responses when I saw the entry.
I just saw a commercial for the newest installment of Big Brother; a stupid reality show to begin with but never the less in the commercial they introduce 5 contestants. "Hi I'm Bob and I'm a doctor..."
"I'm Debbie and I'm a manacurist..."
"I'm Fritz and I'm German..."
"I'm Rodrigo and I'm FABULOUS"
Hmmm...Can you tell in print who is the gay guy?

You know, I use to take these issues to heart. Maybe at the time I was self-loathing? I chocked it up not being particularally attracted to effeminate men, but I still got pissed off. Like, what if my family saw the same clip, would they symbiotically assosiate myself with this guy. It's called Generalization. Yet, at the same time, whenever I would see Loud, obnoxious Italian Americans or such, I would be as upset as I was with Rodrigo the Fabulous Housemate. I guess what it comes down to; is that I want to be seen as an individual. A unique individual whose sexual orientation or heritage or the state that I come from neither hinders or is the basis for your attraction or repulsion towards me.


Hephaestion said...

The public DOES see us as flighty make-up wearing women's clothes wearing silly little things. It's called "dehumanization." Ask any Latin immigrant if all gay men wear women's clothes and I bet you $50 they will say "si, por su puesto." (Yes, of course)

People born in America may be SLIGHTLY less clueless but not much. A shocking number of them think we want to get in the pants of little boys, and a shocking number think we are ALL promiscuous drug-using party boys or interior decorators.If we want to be thought of as individuals, we need to get the media to show the full spectrum of our reality, just as they show all kinds of heteros. Until that happens - and we're a HUGE way from that happening - people will think of us as stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

good luck, kids. the media shows what pays.

and none of us is that individual. buy a fucking clue - 5 billion of us on planet earth means we generally repeate what has come before us. we're all a bunch of queeny fags and fuck those who don't like it.