Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My Friends, My friends...

It seems that whoever reads my suggested links labeled "summer reading" has a poison pen and their name is anonymous. Poor Anonymous, (not to be associated with Alcoholics, Narcotics, Overeaters et al) seems to read and reply to many folks with bitter, scathing remarks rebelling against every passage either of us writes. I have to chock it up to something other than alcohol, narcotics or overeating; because at least those vices satiate ones negativity and in most cases make enough endorphins to provide humorous writings.
As for putting my face in my profile; I can not begin to answer this since it is basically a pre-requisite for any newspaper columnist, ice cream and popcorn distributor and jailbirds. I, have never; ever been egotistical; nor do I pose "for hours to get a shot." That pix happened to be a copy of a copy from a friends Email. Fuck off Anonymous; I suggest picking up a bottle of Stoli, a Crack Pipe and a 6 foot Hero from the Deli.

This makes me so fucking upset:Army gives $5B in Iraq work to Halliburton

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