Monday, January 30, 2006


or, as I like to say: The 'N" word meets "The L Word".
I guess I missed the memo where it is okay for white guys to say the word Nigga. I guess since it is pronounced this way, leaving off the er and replacing it with an a; it's do-able. Because I've been hearing that word thrown around a lot lately. It's like when anal sex started getting a lot of press. It's weird when something that has been taboo just pops out there and is now taken as normal.
This guy in my room who is my age is having a serious Peter Pan crisis. He thinks he's down with the younger guy in my room by conversing and calling him Nigga in every sentance. I've even heard him talking on his cell (one of those stupid Motorola Walkie Talkie jobs that are so fucking annoying) with his (I'm guessing) girlfriend, calling her Nigga. You've got to be kidding me.
I remember in Los Angeles, this one flamer knew that I had been with a couple of guys, so he was talking to me one day and he said, "C'mon Girl..." or "C'mon Mary" and I nearly cold cocked him in the mouth. I was like, "Listen, no one calls me Girl (or Mary)..."
"No one puts baby in the corner".
But this girl (woman), I mean what the fuck? She lets a guy call her "his Nigga?"
The other morning, those other two roomates had to get up early for work. It's like 5:15 am and I hear, "Nigga this" and "Nigga that". It's fucking lame. It's another stupid ass attempt on the part of insecure people to try and fit in.
The funny thing is, I know it was all the rage when black guys were calling each other Nigga and then Bill Cosby got all pissed off like he had a pudding pop up his ass, but I hear it most among white guys and tons of Latinos.

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