Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Match Point" Aces the Loews Competion

I was recently given a couple of free movie tickets. I had to use them at any Loews Theater (or Magic Johnson Theater <--- 5 theaters of "In the Mix" thanks). In Manhattan there are about 6 Loews Theaters and some of these bastards are like Milli-Plexes. I thought I could catch a lot of cool movies I missed while I was in Rehab. No such luck. It seems that every Loews has every single same movie as their sister theater. So, "Wolf Creek" playing on two of the 6 screens on 19th street is also on 3 of the 25 at 42nd street and so on. I was lucky enough to spot the new Woody Allen film "Match Point" in a solitary one screen on East 11th. The film is very good; for those who hate Woody; he's not in it. Neither is his usual star, New York. The whole story takes place in London and it stars a mostly Brittish Cast with the exception of Scarlett Johanson. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is excellent as is the supporting cast. The movie is intriguing and it moves along with well paced editing. The London used here as the backdrop is a London that shines even when it is overcast out. All in all , I recommend checking this movie out, if you can even find it out there.

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