Sunday, January 29, 2006

No Wonder

No wonder why you always hear about these stampedes in Arab Countries with tolls of dead numbering in the 100's. I live in this part of Queens where it's kind of diverse, but I'd have to say being a white guy I am a minority. It is mostly a Latin American Pampoosa clogging streets festival or Hindi kids with thick sideburns donning Catholic School uniforms that roam these avenues. This morning I came to the library before it opened at noon. Usually if a Normal NON THIRD WORLD customer shows up, he/she starts a line, and everyone usually que's up. No such luck this morning. I show up around 11:50 ish and there is what looks like a convention of under five foot brown haired people clustered about. Upon closer inspection, it is the makeup of my neighborhood standing around the front door like those fervant morons who line up for that big Wedding Dress Sale that some Bridal Shop does every year. I figure I'm not going to cuss under my morning breath about the udder stupidity of this line up which in fact is a crescent shape. I pass the time until the doors open listening to my Shuffle which shuffles the same songs all the time while doing a Soduko puzzle. The administrator comes to the door to unlock and let us in. A passerby from England might think, "Wow, these Yanks sure love to read" but thats not the case as most people on the check out line usually have the maximum of 5 dvds to check out with an additional copy of Cosmo Latina or Sari News tucked in there. Anyway, the door unlocks and it felt like being in a mosh pit at The Lollipop Guild. My body was lifted off the ground as this wave of usually quiet people who dont eat beef rustled to get in the doors. A little girl fell and almost got trampled as some Johnny Come Lately to the crescent shape tried to get ahead of everyone and cram through the door for the computer. It was fucking insane, and could have been completely alieviated with a line.

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