Sunday, January 15, 2006

Just three years behind

Being technically inept; I just found out that I can view DVD's and Burn Discs on my laptop. Scoff if you must, I'm a dink, I know it. Although the halfway house does not allow PC's and Lap Tops and Mini DVD Players; the thieves I'm living with will be the first one's to help you find what they just stole, I'm sort of sneaking around with this. Besides the fact that I have a surge plug with about 20 wires plugged in and only a lamp visible makes me a prime candidate for getting busted whenever one of the counselors comes around for a room check. That blue glow that emanates from the screen saver does not help matters much either. One of my other roommates has a personal DVD player after seeing me enjoy myself and being able to not associate with the douche bags I reside with.
Anyway, I still can't afford to join a Video Store (NON BLOCKBUSTER if there is any!) so I've been relying on the library. Today I took out "Swimming Pool." It was a small film with great reviews. It reminded me of the same acclaim that "Sexy Beast" received when it came out. Wow, this film was great; with fantastic performances from Charlotte Rampling and this young chippie names Ludivine Sagnier (whom I looked up on IMDB and found out that she has been at this acting gig for about 16 years. I thought she was some blond with nice tits whom the director pulled out of obscurity). The greatest line in the movie is when C.R's character who is a writer meets an up and coming writer in her agents office. Overhearing that he has just recently won a writing award, Rampling muses when he leaves that "...awards are like hemorrhoids, after a while every Ashley gets one." SNAP!
The movie is really good; I highly recommend it. Next up from the 'Elmhurst Library eclectic Film Batch' is "Jules and Jim."

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