Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Globes Wrapup

Nothing made me happier than my girl, Mary Louise Parker winning for "Weeds" beating out all thos bitchie housewives who will be on a Reality Show five years from now. I don't get Eva Longoria. She reminds me of a Q-Tip or something. She's too skinny and too small and her face is not that great people.
That guy from "Lost" and "Hettie Wainwright Mysteries" Dominic Monaghan was suing some people about a year ago for saying that he is gay, yet,when I went to the Getty Images, there he was posing with Nathan Lane. That'll squelch em! Melanie Griffith looks abysmal and Virginia Madsen is the epitomy of a gorgeous REAL Woman. Saw a picture of Mariah Scarey and she always looks like she is retaining about 4 gallons of liquid and is about to bust her seams. BTW, I'm loving those fat pix of Janet Jackson, but, I dont really think that this is her. I just can't understand it. Wasn't she at Michael's trial wearing like a white hootchie suit? Wasn't that trial within the last 8 months or so? I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Yeah, it is possible to gain 40 or 50 pounds in a couple of months. I did. It was called the Vodka and totally ravenous appetite when you woke out of your stupor diet. I gained 45 pounds in like, 4 months. I also lost it all in Rehab. I just hope she doesn't go through this big Ab-Crunching Bullshit Starvation thing again. She should embrace her cherubicness.
Man, Zach Braff is not the greatest looker, is he. Kinda reminds me of what Ray Romano may have looked like in college. I love seeing the afterparty pictures and you see all these POSER RAPPERS at the parties trying to act all sophisticated and refined. Hollywood really makes me sick some (most) times. I wish I had the opportunity to invite whom I would like to some after gig. I'd personally do the door that night.
"Don't you know who I am?"
"Yeah" I would answer, "...and that is the reason why you are still waiting here."
Chris Kattan at the Golden Globes...Can you imagine how much he was seething with jealousy at every former SNL Player, Host, Musical Guest, Gaffer, Best Boy ect...wishing he had their career!
Harrison Ford is kinda dick-y huh?
I think I used to live with Kate Walsh, who is either on 'Grey's Anatomy' or 'House'. She was dating this guy I was sharing a sublet with. If it's the same one from the Drew Carey Show about 6 years ago, then it is her. More to come when I digest the afterbirth of this night and spew more venom. Looks like my Wellbutrin is not working.


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