Monday, December 04, 2006


When you read this word, what do you think of? It's a very tricky word.
I use to thing of this word, translating into "helper, abider."
Until I went to ReHab.
Then this word took on a different twist.
If any of you watch 'Intervention' you might come to know a different definition of this word.
It's more along the lines of 'aiding and abetting (sic)."
It's a very popular word in the Hab.
(i just made that word up-{Hab}-hah)

Basically every family that attends the 'family meeting' 9 weeks into your recovery is introduced to this term. Because of the fact that they came (9 hour drive to Lake Saranac) means one thing.
The 'enabler' noun can be tossed about ad nauseam.
You were stupid enough to give your son a key to your has and now he robbed everything. Enabling.
You pay your sons rent because he is in this black stage and depressed. Enabling.

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