Sunday, December 10, 2006

No Go For My Bro

So, my brother, Dr. Italiano is a BIG staunch Republican. Like, Major. He's younger than me by three years and our childhood name for him was 'bucky' (due to teeth) which changed to the popular, 'grouch'.He did really well in school and from a young age he had always wanted to be a Doctor. Problem being, we were in no position to afford anything other than State College and that required student loans, forget about the additional years of schooling required to become a doctor.
My mother heard about this deal wherein the Navy will pay for your Medical School, and depending on the amount of years you go to school, that is how many years you must give to the Navy by being a doctor for them.
Well, I guess the first couple of years went so well for him (the Clinton years, I may add) that he re-upped and signed a contract for 6 more years. He re-upped again, both times getting big ass bonuses.
Lately, his man, George 43 has sent him to Guantanamo Bay for 2 years, where he came back a different man, started gambling big time, got transferred to Connecticut, lost his house to gambling, and now guess what, they want to send him to Iraq.
This is the brother who for the last 3 years has driven me to madness when we would argue of this frigging war. He expressing the validity of it, quoting his National Review Magazines.
Well Grouchy aka Bucky is refusing to go, and he may get brought up on some sort of charges soon if he does not change his mind.

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Anonymous said...


I am truly sad for your brother. I hope God leads him to do the right thing. He needs "intervention" in the worse way.

Pray for him, Michael. You know that it works.