Monday, December 04, 2006


Today was the Season 5 marathon for L&O:CI. (Law and Order:Criminal Intent) on the USA channel. If you do not watch this show, skip down to the next post.
I was in Rehab when this was happening. I did not understand why Vin D'Onofrrio and Kate Erbe were on one week and then (gasp) Mr. Big and my girl (Annabella Sciorra) were on the next.
A Wiki Post states that Vincent D'Onofrio (amazing actor: "The Whole Wide World" yeah I know "Full metal Jacket.) was suffering from a kind of nervous breakdown/exhaustion thing. Dick Wolfe (creator of L&O) decided to split the ..."Criminal Intent" shows between 2 teams. Hence Sciorra and Noth.

When I came out of Rehab and I was in the halfway house from hell, never able to change the channel on the 3 seperate televisions(playing Rap video's) in the house, I gave up on my favorite shows.
They were to be repeats that I have never seen before in my life, and in the words of REM; "I feel fine."
Dick Wolf was really testing me. I have to make a decision between "Oz" Erbe or "Soprano's" Sciorra. On "L&O" Hmmmm.
Erbe wins in a decision. While watchimg this season with Noth and Annabella it seems she is phoning it in, although I must think she was playing her character this way, I think she is just too beautiful to be credible in this situation. She is supposed to be the smarter one. But, now I wonder why she either left or got fired from this gig.
I completely dig Annabella Sciorra.
I completely dig Katheryne Erbe. More.
It's like rooting for 2 underdogs.
The worse thing he can do is add Lil Taylor. I'd be fucked.


Bart said...

loved erbe on oz, what'd she do again, serial killer of children or something similar?

mickeyitaliano said...

yeah Bart, she killed her kids like that nutjob Andrea Yeager (?) Yates(?)