Thursday, October 21, 2010

Focus Groups

Last year,I took a focus group for nothing less than Vodka. We never tasted it. It was about airportbars...For that one I got 175 forlike an hour. The taste test today was for the new Iphone....they had like 30 people....for some reason I was excluded. Psych!I still gotpaid 150 bucks. WTF!!!!!!!!So,as I was leaving (also in my group) said ,""Merry Christmas"...kinda weird some tattooeed bitch is saying this.
My mom is having her 40 year anniversary...repeat 40 years...I am making her a (hopefully) picture of us 4 boys from @ Penny'photo. (Oh,we were 1,3,5,6 at the time)...It's her favorite picture of us....Betty Draper (ha)......

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