Monday, October 04, 2010


I was in my little as library the other- and I found this DVD of a Channel 4 (BBC) show called, "Shameless". Sort of a Brit Dramedy, and I picked it up. See, I love the fact that Brittish T.V. is so un-abashed...with curses,nudity and themes. I have scored 2 times before : "New Street Law" and the Simon Doonan bio "Fabulous". WTF, I thought. Ya see, British shows only go for a series of 7-10 episodes per year, so if you love em', yo are really yearning.
Is fricking hooked 1 episode in o it apropos?.
I have been valiantly trying to find the rest of the series on-line. Usually,Brit.sitcoms and stuff (exception: "Coronation Street") last for 3 seasons, max.
So far,the series is in it's 7th year (thanks IMDB). I have so much to watch. Can not wait....

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