Thursday, October 21, 2010

If I read a book do I get a star?

I just finished the biography of "The Replacements".
Kinda cool.
I learned a few things.
1) Never start a band with your friends
2) Never give someone too much
3) Always be humble

They were the greateast Rock band that never was. I saw them 8 times from 1989-their demise...
"I'm the boy they couldn't ignore".
I think of this girl Kerry so much.
She came to my place a coupla times ,
And she laughed when I played my tape.

I had two roomates when I was in the islands,
And I told both of them I was an insomniac and I needed music,
Niether flinched.

I played "Please to Meet Me" by the 'Mats at least 14 times a day. My cassette player would switch the tape over. When I just gotin contact with my great friend Jay (roomate), I sent him a video/song of" I.O.U." which opens the tape we listened to.

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