Friday, October 08, 2010

Job Interview...321in a series

I've gotta be honest here...I very rarely get excited for an interview. I either know I am gonna get hired and leave within 13 days or I am a desperado and need it.
I got called back for this Sports Bar opening. This is my dream gig. I have about 75 appetizer recipes that I am juggling in my head...all, majorly great.
The big culinary thing this year seems to be meatballs (duh)...whatever...
When the Italiano kids were younger, my Mom would make the Sunday 'sauce'. This was/is a 'gravy' of tomatoes and stuff like hot/sweet sausages/bracciole/meatballs and other PIGins (ha).
Josie would fry the meat-a-balls and then throw (literally) themin the sauce. She always set out a fried meatball for each lose.
I want to make an appetizer of fried meatballs with a 'sauce' and also a sweedish meatbll sauce for dipping.
Okay, I just got hungry...gotta go

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