Thursday, August 10, 2006

Allah (kneel) Allah (kneel)...Let's kill everyone

I hope you guys know, we are all fucked. The severity of this plot is so fucking animalistic it boggles my mind that so many human beings can be so brainwashed by some higher ups in a 'religion'. One of the terrorists was wearing his Air Force uniform whilst holding his explosives.
Thank God for the security at Heathrow and Manchester. (Heathrow detained me in 1984---I was just some rocker looking dude, but still). We can not single out every Muslim in the world. I would like to, but there is just too many of them. Fuck racial profiling...I could give two shits. If some Italian Americans did something detrimental, and I knew I was innocent, I could care less if they detain me or pull me out of a line.
Listen folks. I take the S.I. Ferry everyday, 2X. Do you wanna know how many times I have gotten scanned and my bag checked. It's in the higher double digits. Do I give a shit? NO. If they make me miss the Ferry, yeah. Am I hiring that dragon lady from ACLU, no. I am glad that they do this, and quite frankly, it makes me chuckle a little to myself how many times they pull me out.

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