Sunday, August 13, 2006


I freaking love my bread man.
If you don't understand...Here is the synopsis.
We needed a new bread man, so we went off to visist them, they want your business, so they give you samples. Who has the best deal, the best bread and all. And, let me was like Cher meeting a half armed Nic Cage. (There go thoses gays with there Cher and all)
I met this dude; let's say Franco; and he was a freaking hottie.
I was like; "We'd like to try your bread"
and honestly;
if the owner Rita was not there this could have turned into some kind of scene.
It was so innocent.
He was this brash, guido: "taste this" and he shoved the Panelle slice into my mouth....
"Ummmm...yeah, that's great", honestly;
I'm not a big bread conniseur, but this was so fucking hot.
She went to look at desserts. he said, "I only wanna deal with you." guido breadmaker.
I could quit this job and be fine, if i was lying next to him in some floury mess.
Pleasant Dreams

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