Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This is my childhood

Long story short...My older brother loved Jackson Browne. We would hear it on 8 tracks all the time whilst bemoaning the trip to 'dad's'.

I love my older brother. He set my course in music. I fucking dig lyrics.

Everybody's just waiting to hear from the one
Who can give them the answers
And lead them back to that place in the warmth of the sun
Where sweet childhood still dancesWho'll come along

I decided to to put on my headphones this evening instead of listening to NPR & BBC like I usually do. This is the first song that played; mid sentence.
I (a wuss) cried. It's called "Everyman" and it is gorgeous. Did you know Jax (as we call hin in EMails) was a lover of Nico. Did anyone out there see Nico Icon? Am I speaking to myself?

Gosh are missing so much. Bungled up with your "Gnarls Barkley"...You are missing so FUCKING MUCH.

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