Monday, August 14, 2006

Shuffle off

I ave this song by "The Lemonheads" called 'Big Gay heart' on my shuffle. If you are not familiar with these guys, their lead singer is a major hottie in the strung out heroin kind of least he was then...
Anyway, this song was on one of their first albums, "Come on, Feel The Lemonheads" and it is on a couple of my playlists.
The funny thing is, that when it comes on, I am always scanning around the crowd to see who (comically) has my, 'big gay heart'. Yesterday I was buying bagels, and I had my headphones around my neck. Although I could hear a tinny sound of music I could not decipher the song being too pre occupied. I left the store, headphones still ajar when I spotted this construction worker across the street who was freaking Totally cruising me, I mean, it kind of made me uncomfortable in a way and I started to get all shifty and self conscious. So, as I was like licking my lips and trying to stand tall and oblivious, I realized that my shuffle was playing and my headphones were around my neck. I put my shopping bag between my legs and put on my headphones... "...My big Gay Heart...please don't break my big gay heart..."

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